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CITSmart is now leading its platform to enable people to deliver more results and better connection with the client journey.Given this, we understand that trust is something that moves clients in their decisions, especially when they perceive it in their journey within the company.
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CITSmart Platform is a new generation of operation solutions, productivity and integrated collaboration that use the concepts of Lean, Agile and Service Management in a single platform, designed and optimized for the main demands of today, and that allows a simple and objective way to unify several processes in one platform.

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CITSmart Neuro is a product that has been 100% ready and adequate within CITSmart, this product is very powerful and allows to build new functionalities, applications and integrations. It is very close to RPA (Robotics process automation) products, but it brings different possibilities, such as the natural integration with the Service Management framework.

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Anuva is the CITSmart Artificial Intelligence platform. Anuva uses artificial intelligence to conduct dialogues with increasingly improved users on different platforms and, in addition to interacting with users, is able to integrate with other systems to get answers to questions, retrieving data through APIs.

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