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Services... Delivering Value

What concept would be most appropriate to deliver value? Have you ever thought about the concept of services?

Here is a simples concept of services: "It is a product of a human activity that satisfies a need. It represents value to someone".

You must be thinking:

  • What do you mean?
  • What services have to do with me?

No matter what your field of action; you need to deliver value to someone. In this new economy, many people understand this value as experience and the concept is the new way of connecting with the new generation of customers.

Services define goals. It represents in its essence "results" and "achievement of objectives". It is what everyone is looking for.

It is easy to think of services for end clients, the whole client experience is made up of them; however, have you ever heard of corporate services? Perhaps the term is new, but it is simple, is to put internal areas or departments to provide results for each other. This changes everything.

With this concept of "corporate services", larger management or organization can easily adapt. You think and adapt the new results that will have to be provided by each department (and general) and then, each department adapts internally in terms of processes. The focus has been fully adapted, as well as responsiveness and motivation.

Get ready for the change

Flexibility, adaptability, and preparation for change are what will define the companies that will survive and the ones that will not exist anymore. Therefore, whoever goes ahead is not the one who foresees the future, but whoever follows it.

Some companies have difficulty moving quickly, not only by the number of people or processes, but also mainly by their motivation, the speed of launching new products and ideas are very fast because everyone is engaged primarily in the result.

Being prepared for the future is being prepared for changes.

  • Change fast is supporting people to change.
  • Supporting the change in people is changing fast the processes.

The main idea is that there is no point in thinking about processes if these processes do not lead to results and goals. Perhaps, processes are the means, not the end. The end is always the new results. Management by processes are not enough for this.

Services Excellency

Service Management is no longer just for IT. As digitalization spreads across companies, it meets the needs of all departments. Service management has expanded to represent new ways of supporting the business by aligning departments, eliminating silos, improving resource utilization, automating processes, and providing better management to all the company, thereby reducing costs.

What concerns most companies is setting what separates a good customer experience from a bad one. Today, in the business world, many of the needs of the company itself tend to overshadow customer needs.

CITSmart Corporation believes that the focus of the business should be on the good customer experience and being one step ahead, depending on how you connect the services and processes.

That is the new mindset for the new Companies and our CITSmart - Enterprise Services Platform will help change those corporates' perspectives.

Updated 24 Feb 2022
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