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The purpose of the Experience Center - EC - is to enable the creation of customizable portals and make them available to end-users. By creating this portal, it's possible to customize the layout and access preferences most appropriate to the customer (as defined by company rules), including making available the inclusion of Youtube videos and the creation of slideshows, within other applicabilities, in order to ensure the most interactive and intuitive user experience.

This functionality provides a variety of actions such as: adding, changing, and deleting the custom Experience Center.


The functionality has three resources: Experience Center (front end/end-user view), Experience Center Configuration (back end/configuration view), and Workplaces Configuration (dashboards).

  • Experience Center – direct access to the Experience Center to which the user has access.
  • Experience Center Configuration – access to the Experience Center maintenance area, allowing you to query, create, delete, edit, import, and export.
  • Workplaces Configuration - access to the Workplaces configuration area for dashboard creation using widgets of reports in the Experience Center.


To access the Experience Center, go to the menu Experience Center > Experience Center Configuration;


  • Filter - allows to making searches using:
  • Title - of the Experience Center;
  • Status - which the experience center is ("Active" or "Inactive");
  • Type - of Experience Center ("Main" or "Link").


Area for the maintenance of an Experience Center.


  • Creating – a new Experience Center;


  • Delete – to deleting the Experience Center already created;
  • Edit – to edit the Experience Center selected.


  • Import – an Experience Center in json format;

🖊 Note: Export can be done in the "Experience Center creation area" or by "editing an existing Experience Center".

Updated 21 Feb 2022
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