Smart Portal

The Smart Portal is a feature of the solution that makes available the Service Catalog (Business and Support) to the system users and allows to make several actions, including:

  • Open a ticket (service request);
  • Receive news about the System;
  • Evaluate service requests;
  • Access to knowledge about the tickets to clarify the doubts.
Figure 1 - Smart Portal
Figure 1 - Smart Portal
  1. Menu Button - clicking this button allows you to hide/display the Smart Portal menu;
  2. Knowledge Portal - shortcut to Knowledge Portal, allows the user to perform the search of information generated in your organization;
  3. Docs - directs the user to the CITSmart product documentation;
  4. Access System - allows entering the system;
  5. Notifications - a location where system alert messages are displayed;
  6. User Identification - clicking this option displays the functions to change the access password and exit the system;
  7. Search - allows you to search the services available in the portal;
  8. Portal - allows return to the Smart Portal's start window;
  9. Smartbox - shows the number of requests that are in the user's shopping cart (active option only when parameter 292 is set to "YES");
  10. My requests - allows the logged-in users to view their service requests and perform some actions on them;
  11. Approvals - allows the logged-in user to view only those service requests that require approval;
  12. News - where the news is made available, for example, concerning the organization, the system, etc;
  13. Active Campaigns - allows logged-in users to view active satisfaction surveys;
  14. Chat - allows you to create a service request and interact with the attendant about it;
  15. VoIP - allows you to make calls directly from the Smart Portal, however, integration with VoIP tools is required;
  16. Language - allows you to choose the language you want for the system (Portuguese, English, or Spanish);

Before getting started

It is necessary to have registered the contract, the definition of the time of attendance for the request/incident activities;

It is also necessary to have registered, in the Smart Portal, the portfolio with services and activities of request and incident.


  1. Access the main menu Processes > Portfolio and Catalog Management > Smart Portal;
  2. Choose a portfolio and click on it. It will be presented several actions that can be executed in each one of the tabs of this screen. Here are they:
    • Service: in this tab, are presented the activities registered in the portfolio. When selecting and clicking on an activity, it will be possible to register the service request (ticket) about the scenario found; observe the knowledge about the ticket when clicking on the tab of the same name; analyze the user's evaluation about the request available when clicking on the "Evaluations" tab and have access to news about the request when clicking on the "Active Campaigns" tab;

🖊 Note: The knowledge available in the "Knowledge" tab of the "Service" item can be defined in two levels:

  • The knowledge linked to the portfolio that will be presented in the "Service Related” item;
  • The knowledge that was associated with the ticket (added when the responsible for its attendance linked an article to spread the knowledge about the solution) ordened in the "Related to the Request/Incident" item.
  • Knowledge: when click on the tab, it'll be presented the knowledge linked to the portfolio;
  • Active Campaigns: this tab presents the questionnaires (collection of information) about the portfolio in question.

3. When clicking on the "Menu" icon, the shortcuts to some actions will be presented. It is allowed to view the requests created by the user when clicking on the "My Requests" icon, view ticket approvals made by the user, observe news and active campaigns (questionnaires) about the organization.

Updated 15 Feb 2022
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