Overview of the Processes

What is CITSmart?

CITSmart is a platform that connects people and digital resources to optimize work and increase business results.

Through the relationship portals, we optimize the experience of customers and employees. In addition, with the Smart Digital Workflow and agile management, using Kanbans, we connect teams to greater customer-centric collaboration, generating progressive and interactive improvement, simplicity in execution, practicality, alignment, and agility.

What are the possibilities of use?

There are cases of service management with automated processes in several areas, for example:

  • Education
  • Purchases
  • Travel
  • Human resources, for example, staff request, training, and others
  • Personal department, for example, requests for benefits, vacation, payroll, clarifications, and others
  • Legal, for example, elaboration and analysis of contracts, support, and others
  • Field service, for example, exchange of equipment, execution of repairs and maintenance, and others
  • Communication, Marketing, and others.

In addition to that, following the best practices of service management, based on the ITIL best practices library, CITSmart natively has 16 automated processes:

  • AM = Asset Management
  • AVM = Availability Management
  • CAP = Capacity Management
  • CHG = Change Management
  • EV = Event Management
  • FM = Financial Management
  • IM = Incident Management
  • ITSCM = IT Service Continuity Management
  • KM = Knowledge Management
  • PM = Problem Management
  • REL = Release and Deployment Management
  • RF = Request Compliance
  • SACM = Service Asset Management & Configuration Management
  • SCM = Service Catalog Management
  • SLM = Service Level Management
  • SPM = Portfolio Management

Aligned with the Business Service Management techniques by adopting the best practices of ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), CITSmart is an integrated solution designed to manage any Service, ticket, or workflow situation.

With a focus on providing governance through Information Technology, it was designed to accelerate and improve business management using best practices, corporate strategies, and innovative methodologies developed by highly trained professionals.

It has been designed to meet the most stringent criteria required by PinkVERIFY, a label that endorses software tools based on the Service Management processes proposed by ITIL.

It is known that working with real-time information in decision-making makes companies more competitive and qualified to meet their demands and their activities in order to reduce losses or business damages since they are in constant monitoring. Therefore, if well applied, information technology makes managers better understand their business activities and how to employ the energetic flows of investments in the most appropriate direction.

This provides companies with an organizational structure and a service implementation that applies the best practices to the organizational environment, translating objectives and goals into a measurable reality.

Meeting these demands, the governance of CITSmart Platform provides the resources to manage the informational environment within the best practices for the execution, monitoring, and measurement, culminating in the availability of services that meet the needs of the organization and the reach of its corporate scopes and quality desires.

Accelerate digital transformation

The services linked to our platform give the necessary support to your business. By adopting the technologies contained in CITSmart, your organization can create the best increase alternatives, with the guarantee of the best ROI, when compared to the market solutions.

We offer excellence in Service Management, based on three pillars: People, Processes, and Technology. All this is supported by the Smart Methodology, which plans the deployment of Service Management processes for the entire organization.

Benefits of adopting the solution

Centralize the management of the entire chain of services available to your company in a single point.

  • Ticket lifecycle management
  • Financial management of a service
  • CMDB and Service Asset Management
  • Discovery & Inventory
  • Measure the service levels and results of all providers, subsidiaries, and the company itself
  • Create service catalogs for your clients and receive requests automatically
  • Make your management proactive, through integration with "Events" and "Internet of Things"
  • Deploy a single point of contact
  • Automatize processes
  • Orchestration and organization
  • A visual platform for customization of workflows allowing flexibility, agility, and increased productivity with compliance
  • Configure the processes, service levels, and results according to the culture of each location and the SLA established with the client
  • Make multi-company management, multi-contract, multi-service catalogs
  • Manage VIP groups and clients
  • Manage the continuity plans
  • Manage the availability of your business
  • Create workflows in the BPM standard simply without the need for solution deploys. Everything is agile and dynamic
  • Reduce costs by improving your processes. The BPM standard will help you in creating the AS-IS, and with the solution, drawing the TO-BE will become very simple.
  • Control the team of professionals through georeferencing and respond to external demands more quickly (Field Support Management)
  • Generate custom dashboards for a quick and easy view of what deserves more attention
  • Promote continuous improvement
  • Cross information, define metrics, and track results
  • Set alerts, notifications, and flows for the Business Continuity Plan
  • Create Experience Center
  • Management and operational performance of all internal areas
  • Define activities to be performed on both mobile and desktop devices
  • Pay only for what you use and access the platform from everywhere with cloud technology

Suitable for all environments and scenarios, since it was developed based on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, which dictates the best IT management practices and follows the integrative concept of Corporate Governance, is intended to be a source of knowledge and that can train you according to the needs and business model of your institution.

CITSmart was planned and written in order to clarify the universe of intelligent and effective management of IT services, through the unification of information and demands from the various components of a company making your day-to-day business more practical, intelligent, and dynamic.

CITSmart solution was developed with a focus on meeting the needs of Service Management and the Service Desk. It is possible to develop and deploy service management processes based on the main ITIL processes in your organization, supported by Pink Elephant international certification.

The deployment of solutions not only allows you to manage IT services but any other services in your organization.

The main lines of action of the platform:

  • Attendance and Relationship: Tickets and clients service, relationship management and clients satisfaction, service desk, ombudsman, integration with telephony and social networks, among others.
  • Agile Work: Several Kanban tables, checklists, quick planning, easy and agile delegation, simple and efficient control.
  • Business Operations: Service portal for clients and employees, management of various demands, people performance management, modern HR Services portal, field management with mobile, among others.
  • IT Operations: Tickets and Service Desk, Problem Management, Knowledge, Event, Continuity, IT Asset, Change, Release, Availability, among others (16 processes based on ITIL best practices)
  • Virtual Assistant and Knowledge: Integration with the main AI systems of the market, virtual assistant, knowledge portal by profile and user groups, and construction of digital workplaces (experience center).
  • Automations and Integrations: Customization and construction of WEB and mobile forms, workflows, APP builders, API builders, Integration with legacy systems and databases, as well as numerous connectors.

Why adopt it? 

Our vision for the future

Agile is the new normal. Adapting quickly is almost obligatory.

CITSmart is designed to move departments and people in an agile concept, without forgetting the human factor, towards the goals established by each organization. We believe that more than speed, the important thing is to have consistency in movement.

The future vision of CITSmart is based on 4 pillars: People, Processes, Experiences, and Results.


Our view


It is the source of everything. It's the motivation for everything. However, it may also be the fault.


It is the way to guide people's experiences (work experiences and experiences for clients). It is the way to move people in the right direction.


Experiences move people. They release good feelings. It's transformative. It's motivating. It is loyalty. It is the future.


That is what everyone is after. Represents delivering value to someone. At the end of every cycle, everything that involves the previous pillars must converge to results for the department and the organization. Here are the goals and challenges to be achieved. This pillar guides all of the previous ones on the way to pursue.

Processes link people to one another. Have processes from the perspective of generating positive experiences and people will be more connected, produce more, and deliver more, that is, they will achieve the desired results. Experiences in the work and experiences for clients. The tips connect. Positive experiences represent the source of trust. And trust is the foundation of everything.

Experiences represent the new motivation of the new generation, be it for work or purchase. Prepare for this future.

Competitive Differential

CITSmart Platform brings the following competitive differentials:

  • Ready for use (85% of customizations for IT and HR are already applied). Digital transformation starts quickly.
  • Grow gradually (starts small, by one department and can grow both in use by the department and by other departments)
  • Improved ROI in ITSM enterprise solution investment, as it can be used for ESM
  • High capacity of adaptability to the client's business (due to Neuro and Workflow) - Online customization and codeless
  • All-In-One tool and, at the same time, simple to use, integrating easily to the daily activities and operations
  • Adaptation to various company sizes (small, medium, or large). It can monitor the company on its growth journey
  • The simple marketing model. Easy to understand by partner and client
  • Integrated Experience Center Platform, BPM, and Kanban to manage multiple business areas providing an efficient digital workspace
  • Management of outsourced services on a single platform

About ITIL

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is the reference standard for the management of IT projects most accepted worldwide. The ITIL framework was proposed by the CCTA (Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency) and its purpose was to develop methods and standards within the departments of the British government, aiming to improve internal processes. ITIL is a framework that recommends best practices for IT service management and provides resources to meet ISO/IEC 20000, incorporating the best recommendations contained in CMMI, PMBOK, COBIT, Six Sigma and ISO 20000.

Updated 02 Nov 2021
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